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    Our Kindergarten team includes:

    • Ms. Barut
    • Ms. Rollins
    • Ms. Feng

    For K class lists, click here.



    Our 1st grade team teachers are:

    • Mr. Randolph
    • Ms. Sandrock
    • Ms. Markey

    For 1st grade class lists, click here.



    Our 2nd grade team includes:

    • Ms. Williams
    • Ms. Gardenhire
    • Mr. Jackson

    For 2nd grade class lists, click here.



    For intermediate grades (3rd-5th), Rising Star departmentalizes instruction.  Each student is assigned a homeroom teacher, whom they will see daily.  Students then rotate for instruction for subject areas, like math, literacy, social studies and science.

    What if you have a question about homework, resources or content?  Start with your student's homeroom teacher, and he or she may answer your question directly, or refer you to the appropriate teacher.



    • Ms. Tinhoff (Writing and Science)
    • Mr. Juaton (Reading and Social Studies
    • Ms. Meier (Math)

    Also supporting 3rd grade is Ms. Brant (Literacy) and Ms. Sylver (Math).


    For 3rd grade class lists, click here.



    • Mr. Ford (Math)
    • Mr. Mihajlo AKA Mr. Spasojevic (Reading and Social Studies)
    • Mr. Marks (Science and Writing)

    Also supporting 4th grade are Mr. Nelson (Literacy) and Ms. Sylver (Math).


    For 4th grade class lists, click here.



    • Mr. Gapuz (Reading and Social Studies)
    • Ms. Walker (Science and Writing)
    • Mr. Grieser (Math) 

    Also supporting 5th grade are Mr. Nelson (literacy support) and Ms. Sylver (math support).


    For 5th grade class lists, click here.