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    School Involvement

    Van Asselt's Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

                Welcome back from the Van Asselt PTA (Van Asselt’s Parent Teacher Association) Board.

    The PTA is looking for new members. We want YOU to join the PTA. It only costs $15.00 per person and once you join, you are a voting member, helping to make  decisions about the school.  Applications are in the office. Just fill one out, attach a check or cash (in a sealed envelope please) and return it to the office. Our first meeting will be Thursday, October 12th, 5:30-7:00 pm, in the school library.  Come join us and meet other involved parents.

    We are also looking for volunteers to help out with school and PTA events.  There are so many ways to help out:  chaperone field trips, help in classrooms, help with bake sales, work in the library, sell t-shirts… The list is endless.  A successful school needs committed teachers, staff, students and families.

    If you have questions, please contact someone on the Board. 

    Our President is Vernee' Fletcher
    Our Vice-president is
    Our Secretary is  
    Our Treasurer is   
    Our co-Fundraising Chairs are:
    Our Membership Chair is
    Our Legislative Chair is

    Community Learning Center (CLC)

    Contact: Program Director
                 (206) 252-7548
    A CLC (Community Learning Center) program provides tutoring and one-on-one assistance with homework and reinforcement of basic skills that will help elementary students pass the MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) and MSP (Measurement of Student Progress) exam at their grade level. It also offers a range of enrichment activities such as drama, music production, visual art, Brazilian dance, photography, and math clubs.

    What benefits does a CLC provide?

    • Increased academic performance by students. In Spring 2008, 30% of CLC students passed WASL/DRA. This is up from 11% in 2007.
    • Fewer students getting into trouble after school. In spring 2008, 91% of students reported that CLC helped them feel better about themselves, make friends and better decisions; 87% reported that CLC helped them try harder in school.
    • More opportunities for families to be involved in education. In a recent survey, parents feel welcome and comfortable and that their family values and customs are reflected in the program.
    • Better access to high quality, affordable child care for working families.

    Homework Assistance

    Homework assistance is offered for a minimum of 30 minutes Monday through Thursday. The staff monitor and ensure that:
    1. Children understand their work and what they are doing;
    2. The work is being done;
    3. The work is turned in at the end of the week or on it’s due date, whichever comes first.
    Children in CLC are more likely to complete and turn in their homework than their struggling peers in their school. On average 76% of participants who attend regularly turn in their work when it is due.


    During the school day, CLC staff work one-on-one with select students. In partnership with the classroom teacher, a learning plan is developed with goals and strategies that will help the student improve their academic skills. A recent survey shows that these sessions are effective for 80% of students served.
    In the afternoon, many of the students work in small groups with peers who have similar learning goals. The activities and games they play are specific to these goals and come from 10 years of experience in after-school programming.
    Tutoring and small group work normally occurs at least twice a week for 20 - 30 minutes.

    Dance Chance

    Contact:  Ms. Therese Kumasaka
                 (206) 252-7500

                 Ms. Sarah Clemons
                 (206) 252-7500

    Van Asselt is proud to have a long standing partnership with Pacific Northwest Ballet. PNB offers outstanding programs for DanceChance to students at Van Asselt.

    In 2007, we began partnering with DanceChance, a program that identifies and trains students starting in third grade. Every fall a PNB screening team visits Van Asselt and identifies third grade students who possess the unique physical aptitude required to pursue a career in dance. Selected third graders participate in a 10-week introductory session which is built into their school day. These students are provided with classical ballet training twice a week, dancewear and shoes, transportation to PNB classes from school, and tickets to PNB performances. A select number of students demonstrating talent and interest are invited to join the Spring Session and may advance to the DanceChance Level 2 classes for 4th graders the following year. In the third year of studies, DanceChance students are integrated into regular PNB classes which meet after school. Students have the opportunity to dance in PNB’s Annual School performance in June, and in some cases perform with the company in PNB productions including Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Coppelia.